“A Serious Cackling” (#2)

the-blair-witch-projectIn October of 1994, three podcasters disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland.

Police were baffled by the podcasters’ vanishing… mostly because they did not yet know what a podcast was.

A year later their podcast was found.

21 more years later, it was released here.

Just in time for Halloween (and a not-so-great sequel), the When We Were Young podcast‘s second episode tackles 1999’s unlikely horror hit The BlairWitch Project! Is the ultra-low-budget thriller still as groundbreaking as it was in the pre-smartphone era, or does it deserve to be banished to the woods?

Kick your map into the creek, apologize to everyone’s moms, and follow us on this audible journey… because Becky totally knows where we’re going! Right, Becky?



“No redneck is this creative.”

The Blair Witch Project was a genuine phenomenon upon its release, spawning such a slew of “found footage” movies that it basically became its own genre. It’s also notable as one of the first films to truly use the internet to its advantage — and just may be the granddaddy of viral marketing, for better or worse.

The film grossed nearly $250 million worldwide from a $60,000 budget, making it one of the most profitable films in history. It’s a testament to independent filmmaking and how some ingenuity and a low budget can, on occasion, creating an enduring work. Perhaps because of its many imitators, however, The Blair Witch Project isn’t as prevalent in pop culture as you might think (which accounts for the poor performance of its most recent sequel, Blair Witch). That makes it a perfect candidate for our podcast, as we debate whether or not the film is any good — or if it was just a novelty factor leading to its success.

When We Were Young is a new podcast devoted to the most beloved pop culture of our formative years (roughly, 1980-2000). Join us for a nostalgic look back to the past with a critical eye on how these movies, songs, shows, and more hold up now.

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