Zoinks!: Those Meddling Kids In One Direction As The ‘Scooby Doo’ Gang


Zoinks! You’d think One Direction would be too busy performing these days to also solve mysteries, but seeing as they’re about to be riding around in a Scooby Van, they better make time for a little sleuthing, too.

The lads are apparently big fans of Scooby Doo and have acquired an old-school Volkswagon van that they intend to fashion as their own Mystery Machine. This sweet new ride is currently being revamped with modern conveniences before it’ll be used as 1D’s official tour vehicle here in the U.S. So if you happen to see a Mystery Machine rolling down the highway, it could be a world-famous boy band inside! (However, it could also just be some freaky-deaky Scooby-Doo fans, in which case you should keep your distance.)

We’re hoping 1D doesn’t let the Scooby vibe end there. We think they could probably do some good detective work while they’re at it, which got us thinking about which member of the Scooby Gang each One Direction member would be…

niall-horan-fredNiall Horan as Fred

As the only blondie in the quintet, clearly we have to cast Niall as Fred. They both seem awfully fond of white shirts (though it’s only Fred with a preference for orange ascots), and they’re both pretty put-together dudes all around, besides. Fred was the official leader of the Scooby Gang and, while 1D doesn’t have a “leader” per se, we think we’d place the most trust in Niall to steer the boys in the right (one) direction, since he has the right mix of responsibility and charisma.


Liam Payne as Daphne

Daphne is known for always being the damsel in distress, earning her the nickname “Danger-Prone Daphne.” Liam had health problems with his kidneys as a child and was also bullied early in his school years ― and even his last name implies a certain amount of turmoil! Plus, although it’s arguable which 1D boy is the easiest on the eyes, you can’t deny that one of looker Liam’s best features is his prettiness ― and let’s face it, Daphne was basically just eye candy.

harry-styles-shaggy-1d-scooby-dooHarry Styles as Shaggy

Obviously! As if Harry’s overall goofiness weren’t enough, his lankiness and shaggy head of hair make him a shoo-in to play Shaggy. He’s the youngest 1D lad, which matches Shaggy’s immaturity, but also good-natured and a constant source of comedy. (It’s been said that Harry is fond of streaking to entertain his bandmates.) Just don’t ask what he gets up to in that van…

1d-scooby-do--louis-tomlinson-velmaLouis Tomlinson as Velma

Oldest doesn’t necessarily mean wisest, but seeing as Louis is the senior 1D member, it makes some sense that he’d match up with brainiac Velma. Louis actually had more difficulty in school than we imagine the bookish Velma did, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t clever in his own way. If you don’t believe us, check him out in a pair of glasses ― he’s kind of a dead ringer for Velma! (Jinkies! Now all he needs is the knee-high socks.)

zayn-malik-scooby-doo-dogZayn Malik as Scooby Doo

It’s hard to say which 1D is most popular, but arguably it’s Zayn who gets the most ladies swooning. So why wouldn’t he be the star of the show? Like Scooby’s addiction to Scooby Snacks, Zayn has his own vice ― smoking ― and we’ve heard rumors that he hasn’t been faithful to the ladies in his life. Hmm… if anyone in this group is a dog, yeah, it’s probably him…


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