Dive, Turn, Work: Scissor Sisters // “Let’s Have A Kiki” Video

I’ve always admired the Scissor Sisters for the distinct brand of infectious fun they bring to so many of their songs and videos.

Case in point: “Let’s Have A Kiki,” a song I wouldn’t blame some people for finding obnoxious, but one I can’t help but dig more every time I hear it. If you’ve never lived in New York City, it may not exactly strike a chord of truth in you, but trust me — this song pretty much sums up the experience.

The video has that low-budget, homemade quality that many Scissor Sisters videos do, which is all the more reason to admire them. Lest you think they’re being lazy, keep in mind it’s all in one shot, and judging by the way they all look so relieved at the end, they probably had to do a hell of a lot of takes to find a useable one.

Scissor Sisters // “Let’s Have A Kiki” video

As with many videos, this one makes me appreciate the goofy charm of the song even more. A “kiki” is merely a small group of friends getting together and acting nutty — who wouldn’t want to have one of those?


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