Chillin’ With Rihanna In The KKK: Hoodie Allen // “No Interruption”

And in new musical obsession news, here is Hoodie Allen — who neither wears any hoodies in this video nor appears to have anything in common with the neurotic New York Jewish fillmmaker who married his girlfriend’s adopted daughter.

Except, maybe, that he seems to enjoy the company of women quite a bit.

“Name the time, and the place, and the function,

I’ll give it you, no interruption.”

Hoodie Allen // “No Interruption”

I find “No Interruption” to be a lot of fun and repeatedly listenable — a killer hook, name-drops of Rihanna, Will Smith, and the X-Men, plenty of clever rhymes, doesn’t take itself very seriously. Comparisons come to mind, but let’s not mention them.

“In your home, on the phone, all alone

I’ll give it you, no interruption

In your house, on the couch…”

With straightforward simplicity like that, Hoodie Allen comes across a bit like a pervy Dr. Suess, and that’s just fine by me.


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