Mr. & Mrs. Synth: Wynter Gordon & Steve Aoki // “Ladi Dadi” Video

Another day, another diva going all femme fatale on us. Following Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Natalia Kills, and Britney Spears’ recent footsteps is Wynter Gordon in the new video for Steve Aoki’s club track “Ladi Dadi.”

In it, Steve and Wynter make like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and engage in mortal combat, some of it quite brutal. The best part? Well, that would have to be Wynter writhing around with two big ol’ meat cleavers.

Lots of fun. Though I’m not sure what trick that was supposed to be at the end vanquishing Wynter like that. If you ask me, Steve Aoki is a total cheater.

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