Not Really An Album Review: Wolf Gang // ‘Suego Faults’

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no point in me writing about music. I just can’t do it.

Music is too subjective, and what I hear in it and like about it is nearly impossible to put into words. It is possible to read a movie review and have a good idea of whether or not you’ll respond to a film, but no review of a song or album can predict whether or not you’ll enjoy it. You absolutely have to hear it yourself to know.

So instead of a review of Wolf Gang’s new album Suego Faults, out today, I will recommend you seek it our for yourself. Already I have sung (well, blogged) the praises of “The King And All Of His Men,” which you can listen to here.

I’ll say this: there’s a little MGMT vibe, a little Bowie. In addition to the singles “The King And All Of His Men” and “Lions In Cages,” I’m digging “Suego Faults” and “Stay And Defend.”

Beyond that, you’re on your own. Because this is not a review, it’s an endorsement. (So much easier to write.)

Suego Faults Track List:

1) Lions In Cages
2) Something Unusual
3) Stay And Defend
4) Suego Faults
5) The King And All Of His Men
6) Back To Back
7) Midnight Dancers
8) Dancing With The Devil
9) Where Are You Now
10) Planets

Get it while it’s hot, people.

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