The Bleak List

The Black List 2011 is out, featuring the loglines of the “most liked” as-of-yet unproduced feature screenplays out there.

It’s a pretty bleak list of titles as well.

There are a handful zombie/outbreak movies, a couple impending apocalypses. A few “the real story of…” centering on Geppetto and Chewbacca, of all people/Wookies. And yet another Pinocchio movie. More likely biopic contenders like Colin Powell, Grace Kelly, and Thomas Edison, too. The words “brutal murder” and “spree-killer” definitely appear. In a more comedic realm, there is a movie called Bastards and one called Dirty Grandpa, to shed at least a little humor on these otherwise grim titles.

Oh, and Quentin Tarantino.

There is also a screenplay called Jurassic Park. Which is, well, kind of funny, I guess.

Some will get produced, some won’t. Some you’ll wish would be, others you’ll pray will not. Some sound like movies or TV shows you’ve already seen, like The Pretty One: “When a woman’s identical, ‘prettier’ twin sister dies, the woman assumes her sister’s identity, moving into her apartment and the big city.” A dead ringer for Ringer, no?

A few sound promising. But it’s hard to judge based on just loglines. Anyway, it’s not that I am complaining about bleak screenplays, exactly. I’ve written a few, myself, that might be called “bleak,” and maybe they’re not as much of a downer as they sound. But still.

As it states within:

The Black List was compiled from the suggestions of over 300 film executives, each of whom contributed the names of up to ten of their favorite scripts that were written in, or are somehow uniquely associated with, 2011 and will not have begun principal photography during this calendar year.

This year, scripts had to receive at least six mentions to be included on the The Black List.

It has been said many times, but it’s worth repeating:

The Black List is not a “best of “ list. It is, at best, a “most liked” list.

To take a gander, visit The Black List.

Congratulations to all the writers who made the cut!


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