I Do: Lady Gaga // “Marry The Night” Video

Do you, monsters, take Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” music video to be her best from the Born This Way cycle?

I do.

Wow, that’s a long video.

In the beginning, there’s a lot of artiness and talking. Which is fine and all. Gaga loves her preludes. “Mint will be very big next season” and Gaga checking out her nurse’s ass is pretty great. And then there’s the ballet and bathing in Cheerios, and well. That’s just Gaga.

But what of the actual music part of this video? It’s pretty fuckin’ awesome. It has a chintzy 80’s-ness that totally fits the song, with flaming cars and a Bedazzler and dancin’ in the streets.

Despite all this, it’s her most cohesive from Born This Way, and thus, my favorite.

Don’t you agree?

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